stevie wartgo, the principal who came from gallup h.s. and MAYBE didn't rape boys too, told me in September "no 2-week vacation for you!" they gave me notice the day after Veterans' Day (It was some sort of conspratorial "hire to fire" scheme), so christmas was spent shivering, broke, unemployed, and abandoned waiting for truck repairs while gallup auto shops scalped me, doing shoddy work (I had to return from Albuquerque after New Years' because a brake fell off). It appears, on the face of it, that the district did the same thing to that Florida teacher last year, who apparently did nothing wrong.
Dear Reader,
Please, first read the outline of the

Then Please Read WHY
(also, it seems that principal stevie wartgo is part of Deep State abuse if he conspires in "hire-to-fire" harassment of me, the band teacher, and others.)

principal steven wartgo and shop guy riley white conspired with others and bullied teacher and veteran, David Scully,
AND threatened him with a 12" hunting knife to his belly on the first day of orientation, 2016.
RILEY WHITE is the voc ed guy at Manuelito Middle School, Gallup NM He says the only math shape he knows is

THE TRAP ezoid

the "trap David Scully" CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. NOTE. Two shocking crimes occurred in New Mexico and at gallup high school recently. This Complaint and the opinion of WHY are NOT referring to those crimes, i.e., 1. 10-year-old Beauty given alcohol, raped, murdered, dismembered and burned. 2. gallup high school principal raped boy students for a decade or more. The events documented here were COMMITTED BY STEVEN WARGO, THE PRINCIPAL (who came from gallup high school) next door at Manuelito Middle School, in collusion with vice principal galaviz and some district administrators.

They are considering tearing down Columbine. You must AT LEAST prosecute slasher riley and conspirator wartgo! VIEW KAVANAUGH FRAME TOP

The ruinous narratives they've created about me, David Scully, are no more true than the frame-job lies they made up about U.S. Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Speaking of framing, slasher shop guy riley's "TRAP" comment the first day and principal stevie wartgo's very strange "nice little test for you" comment the last week nicely and appropriately frame the picture of what that whole teaching job...er, um, setup, was all about. It was a FRAME, an ENTRAPMENT, HARASSMENT, and more ... A CRIME!! After failing to intimidate Mr. Scully in the math teachers' meeting, slasher shop guy riley white brandished knife, assaulting teacher David Scully (riley white is not a math teacher, and had no reason to be in the math meeting other than to try to intimidate Mr. Scully with the help of two other large males.) *DEFINITION of ASSAULT. A threat or attempt to commit an act of inflicting physical harm or unwanted physical contact upon a person. For example, holding the point of a 12" hunting knife Scroll Down 1 frame to a person's belly.

Outline of Whistleblowing Complaint Against gallup-mckinley school district

First day of orientation at Manuelito School, Gallup NM, August 2016

shop teacher puts a 12-inch hunting knife to the belly of the new mathematics teacher

(NOTE. BEWARE! nm administrators are weeping and circling the wagons It is true that I am a victim, but so are all New Mexicans. This is NOT personal. I never heard of nor met nor knew these clowns before their crimes against me! THIS IS ABOUT SERIOUS CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO AND ABOUT THE SAFETY OF OUR SCHOOLS AND OF OUR SCHOOLCHILDREN.)
A few hours earlier that same day at a meeting of the 6 school math teachers, three large males in unison interrupted the new mathematics teacher with extremely loud talk, like shouting, when it was the new math teacher's turn to introduce himself. Knowing this was a rude, intentional interruption, the math teacher raised his voice over theirs and continued to talk. Two of the shouting, interrupting large males were not math teachers and apparently their only purpose for being at the math teachers' meeting was to interrupt the math teacher, attempting to intimidate. (one of these non-math-teacher-males was the shop teacher who shortly put the 12-inch hunting knife to the belly of the new math teacher.) (When an educ dept investigator asked me WHY he did it, of course I replied "I don't know," because I can't read their minds and I don't know what or how or why they conspired, but I think IT'S PRETTY CLEAR THAT WHEN HE BRANDISHED A KNIFE AND ASSAULTED ME AN HOUR OR TWO LATER, HIS MOTIVE WAS FRUSTRATION THAT HE HADN'T HUMILIATED ME OR INTIMIDATED ME AT THE MEETING, AS THEY HAD INTENDED, BUT RATHER THAT I HAD HUMILIATED HIM AND HIS TWO LARGE CO-CONSPIRATORS by ignoring them and talking even louder than they did until they shut up and stopped interrupting me.) (I think it is important to note here that the only thing I heard the voc ed guy say at the math meeting, before he shouted with two large co-conspirators to interrupt me, was that the only math shape he knew was THE TRAP ezoid. Two and a half months later, when stevie wartgo was conspiring to have me terminated that week, stevie smirked and said, "ms. hall has made a really nice little test for you." ms. hall, the other 6th grade math teacher, had no reason or business making a nice little test for me or for anyone, as we were at that time busy preparing to administer a statewide math test, so he was talking in code as he smirked, and what he really meant as the "nice, little test" was their background machinations and conspiring to get a nice, pretty and popular girl in my class to complain that I treated her "special, or different," which was true
because it was my job to treat each student special and different, which they are. Scroll Down 1 frame In fact, I doted on several other more needy students in the first month or so before turning my attention to this girl who was much less needy than they (She must have been horrified the next day when I was gone and the classroom was bare and she realized that they used her to fire me and damage me, because the next day, it seems, she cut school and went looking for me, because the police came looking for her at the Taco Bell where I was working on my computer). The point is that the shop guy's "TRAP" remark on that first unusual and hostile day, and smirking stevie wartgo's gloating, 2 1/2 months later, about a "nice, little test," referring to the student, appropriately bracket all the events in between and the extremely hostile work environment and the conspiracy I endured. In other words, from day one they had no intention of treating me professionally and fairly, but were out to "TRAP" me or get me in some way. That's how it started and that's how it ended the last week with another "TRAP" or entrapment or framing or "TEST.")

This, then, was a FRAUD and a CONSPIRACY, at the very least, as their words and actions show that it was never their intention to employ me in the service of educating children, but rather to place me in that role in order to TRAP, FRAME, BULLY, HARASS, DEMORALIZE, CRIMINALIZE AND ABUSE ME emotionally, financially, professionally, and to continue in the political conspiracy of personal destruction. Not only was it a FRAUD committed against me, but also a FRAUD against the students, parents and citizens of gallup NM and against the citizens of the State of New Mexico as gallup-mckinley school district is commissioned by the State of New Mexico to hire teachers to teach children, not to hire teachers to inflict on them extreme mental and emotional stress by engaging in hostile, crazy, unprofessional, and criminal behavior.

(continued after the following note.)


TO DISTRACT FROM THE DISTRICT'S OWN GUILT AND TO PANDER TO PARENTS. They lured me from Chicago in 2016 and abused me from day 1. Two years later, in 2018, it seems they lured a band teacher from Florida and, with great drama again, ostentatiously fired him, though he (as I) did nothing but our jobs. You know, despite the reputation damage and the emotional and mental abuse, it's EXTREMELY financially damaging to drop everything and move across the country to be abused an booted out (premeditated from the start!) TOP Could it be that they're "playing vigilante" to make amends, in their own sick, guilty minds? I mean, it was a gallup-mckinley school district principal who raped high school boys for decades. It's in New Mexico that they drugged, raped, chopped up and burnt a 10-year-old indigenous beauty. I DIDN'T DO IT. I JUST WANTED TO TEACH MATH! THE BAND TEACHER FROM FLORIDA DIDN'T DO IT!

Was It the briggs parents that stevie wartgo used? They're The Ones stevie used against me

HERE'S THE STORY This is a self-entitled white family. Anecdotally, it appeared to me that about 60 percent of the students were Indigenous Native Americans, 20 percent were Hispanic, and 20 percent were self-entitled whites. From my experience in the classroom with them every day, all day, I personally felt that the Indigenous Native Americans were gentle, the Hispanics were lively, and the whites were self-entitled brats. Thats' just a general impression and doesn't apply to each individual or parent. But the BRIGGS parents were BRATS. Chronologically, I got to know them thus. Their child was in one of my classes and on practically the first day or first week I read her name mentioned somewhere as "student of the month." I thought she must be a remarkable person to be selected so quickly above all others, so I was alert to observe what precocious talents and/or character she had. It wasn't math. I only had 2 or 3 students in all my classes who could be called "good at math" or even at grade level. But she was not shy to speak out. I clearly remember her making several unsolicited statements during the first month or so (I was only there 2 1/2 months). She made these statements in what I would characterize as a critical, shrill, sassy tone. "Are you a new teacher?" (mockingly) "It's pronounced 'axis' " (correcting me on the pronunciation of the plural form, "axes") "Am I supposed to go home and tell my father you said I was wrong!?" (threat or warning) "My father works 24 hours" (implied threat) "That's the way life is." (lecturing me on life) "The principal's going to fire you" (Letting me know she had inside knowledge) The last week a boy announced that she said I was a dirty old man. I asked my advisor teacher next door what to do and she said to report her. The last week or two that I was there she went to great lengths each day to mobilize the class against me. She really had to be transferred to the other class, and was. A week later I was removed from the school. But let's talk about BRAT daddy briggs. I only met the BRAT once at the parent/teacher meeting night the first month. Nobody had ever told me how to do it, and I didn't really know their students that well as individuals yet, but I brought out the cookies and tea and spent so much time with each parent that the other teachers were telling me to hurry. The parents were crowding the halls waiting. So the BRAT briggs dude sat across the little desk I had set up and stared at my ear for the duration while I tried to ignore his rude behavior and chatted amiably about his child and the subject. Later on he pestered me to provide a textbook and problems for her. I was sympathetic to the request. It made sense. But stevie wartgo didn't let me teach out of a text as I wanted to, as I was used to. I never knew what I'd be teaching 2 or 3 days ahead until the other 6th grade teacher killed a forest printing thousands of sheets of paper. (I noticed with amazement and disgust that one of the pages actually had only ONE problem on it. It was all for show, busy work). Finally he sent me an email wishing me a successful year and I wondered who the hell he thought he was talking as though it was his decision that I could stay on. Then I had to deal with the BRAT mother. I graded the students "on a curve" or almost every one would get an "F" Then they had this big super-duper statewide test (called parcc, I think) and I gave it significant weight, and the BRIGGS BRAT MOM was displeased with her child's grade. So I took the time to give her the breakdown and sent it to her. Then, principal stevie wartgo made me re-do the grades for all 5 classes, giving less weight to the parcc test, because of that BRAT, the mother. (That takes time. It's a lot of time-consuming work to re-calculate 100 grades, and pander to unhappy, self-entitled mothers and bratty, psycho principals. That's all time that should be spend doing math, preparing fun lessons, finding excellent lessons posted on the internet, doing fun, challenging problems with students.) (Now, I bet you that in Singapore, where the students excel at math, the mother of an insolent, poorly performing child would humbly bow and scrape to the teacher, apologizing for the offense, and promising improved attitude and performance from the child and family in all future circumstances.) Then I had to have a meeting with her. One of the office women came up to my room in an urgent panic telling me to be so very careful and not to say anything, so I remembered that I had an appointment to have my truck repaired, and I was 10 minutes late and she was gone. Now, of the 100 or so students I had statistically 20 percent or so would be more pleasant and helpful and could be considered "pets" if you will. One of these pleasant students, who was cooperative and well-behaved and well-adjusted and got along with everyone, psycho principal stevie wartgo started innuendo that she was my "wife." Since it was vague innuendo, I ignored it. I had enough problems with that punk. Then at the same full school staff meeting he started innuendo about a student who should be "emancipated" because of horrible parents. This, of course, being that same student. My opinion, they were doing a good job because she was well-adjusted and got along with everyone. But as for the NIGHTMARE HALLOWEEN HORROR BRAT BRIGGS FAMILY? If anybody needed a do-over with better parents, I would say that's the family to look at. stevie wartgo, the principal, abusee and harassed from day one gaslighting with chutzpah and playing "taming of the shrew" with insane craziness. But he didn't work alone. stevie enlisted teachers, students and parents and he had the backing of supervisors. It is this insane and unlikely conglomeration that has finally led me to conclude that it was a pre-meditated conspiracy, perhaps instigated by the fbi (who got involved immediately). Now that I see a 2018 article in the gallup NM newspaper about a Florida Band teacher hired to be fired by stevie et al., the situation seems to be similar, practically identical. stevie, the principal at Chief Manuelito Middle School and the principal at Gallup High School, next door, where principals SHAG indigenous high school boys, hired the credentialed band teacher from Florida after running the usual background checks (as they did with me), and then, in response to an outraged instigating parent who uncovered old news articles, fired the guy (as they did with me). Hmmmmmmmmm......... Let's play psychologist for them. I mean, something has to explain this criminal behavior on their part. Let's try. They're a bunch of backward, knuckle-dragging, flat-earth, religious fanatic, uneducated nitwits playing out some dramatic, religious play, trying to make themselves feel good about themselves by trying to make outsiders seem bad, working as useful idiots for corrupt fbi blackshirts who are also simpleminded groupthinkers with comey et. al. (NOTE. Recently, I saw a news item that the gallup school district "hired and fired" another teacher in a suspiciously similar pattern, recently, a year ago, December 4, 2018, 2 years after they did it to me. It was the same school, too, Chief Manuelito Middle School, so brat stevie wartgo did the hiring there, and, there was a parent complaint involved that instigated it. My first thought is that it seemed similar and that they did it on purpose and hired him to fire him, waiting a month or two for a parent to accidentally "find some dirt on him." More likely, they planned it ahead with fbi sex deviants like comey and strock and page and other blackshirts. We've seen how these "deep state" power drunk brats operate. This is based in right-wing religious fanatacism and tea-party nitwit right wing "patriotism." These vigilante brats and repressed sex perverts think that someone "got away" from justice and they're gonna take the law into their own hands. Though I had parents who were friendly, and some who were difficult, stevie wartgo had a pair who were doozies. THEY USED THEIR DAUGHTER TO DO THE DIRTY WORK. THAT SHOULD BE A CRIME AND THAT'S THE GIRL WHO NEEDS TO BE EMANCIPATED FROM HER PARENTS, NOT THE OTHER GIRL IN MY CLASS, THE NICE GIRL, WHO stevie wartgo WAS INSINUATING WAS MY "WIFE!" A teacher's pet, perhaps (among some others, by the way. I had student named "Deja," and I always called her "deja vu" and played Dionne Warwick's "Deja Vu" several times until she said it embarassed her. Ditto a girl named Sarah. Boys, too. I teased one about liking a girl, trying to be a catalyst. I put a wrong answer on the board and scolded the boy who corrected me, for classroom entertainment. I talked like an angry Sensei and threatened to chop off a student's hand with the yardstick (tomorrow, of course). A boy left his jacket in class, and when he came back I threw it on his head and played "blind man's bluff" and spun him around. They were all some of my "pets" and I did such things to make class fun, BECAUSE THEY WERE KIDS!). (So when I read that this "hired and fired" band teacher "insisted on measuring all the males during uniform fittings," I'm thinking, "maybe he's a diligent band teacher, a bit of a perfectionist maybe, and he wanted his marching band to look great." It's funny (not "ha ha" funny, but bad funny, like "weird and evil funny") the way they present these things, implying he's a sex pervert for doing his job well, making sure the boys looked snappy. I don't see the sex thrill in measuring people to fit clothes. Clothiers do it every day. WHAT THEY DID NOT SAY IS THAT HE DID NOT INSIST ON MEASURING THE GIRLS! DUH! They could have presented the case thusly, "We are thrilled to have hired the inspired band teacher, Michael Johnson, who always makes sure that every boy's band uniform fits sharp and snappy, AND WHO TAKES CARE TO NEVER MEASURE ANY OF THE GIRLS! But somehow nowadays they just don't do it that way.

Similarly, Let Us PRAISE DAVID SCULLY, TEACHER! Mr. Scully Is A Model of Thoughtful, Respectful, Kind, Friendly and Appropriate Behavior!

The first week of school, a nice girl gave me a hug after class each day. I thought about it and then wrote a note in the top right corner of the board, "NO HUGS Hi 5's OK!" I pointed it out to each class, and left it there for the duration. This way, the girl was not mentioned and embarassed, and we could continue to express good feeling with a Hi 5! (of course, when I gave the other 6th grade math teacher a consoling and encouraging shoulder bump, she and BRAT STEVIE conspired to file a sexual harassment complaint and superintendent dunkersloot said "it wouldn't go well for me" if I let it bother me, but how could it not bother me? And I spent a lot of time and energy and stress to get it dropped (dunkersloot just sent an email to BRAT STEVIE saying there was not enough evidence) I, myself, was enthusiastic about teaching math. Hired late, I got there at the last minute, and was assigned a classroom with bare white walls. A friendly teacher from downstairs and her husband, a veteran, and their daughter came up one evening and performed magic on the walls in a few hours, but it was still lacking math stuff. CALL ME A MATH PERVERT AND INSINUATE IF YOU MUST but I just HAD TO have math posters and charts on the walls! Colorful, Enticing, Exciting, Interesting, Seductive if you will... I had them going. I was tempting them, luring them with straignt lines, coordinate planes, triangles (are you getting the innuendo?) quadrangles, polygons enough to dazzle the eyes ... and IN COLOR, no less... It was working. They were weakening. Then, it happened! At the end of class one day, a girl pointed to colorful polygons on the wall. She couldn't hold back any more. She couldn't wait, and asked, "When Are Going To Get To Those?" Alas! Were we to see the future back then, we would foretell that the walls would shortly be bare again. stevie, even though he had just sent us emails saying he had budget "money to burn," ignored my request for math posters. I had to spend about $300 bucks of my own at a store in town for math posters. Without those math posters, my classroom would have been like...well, a marching band in sloppy, ill-fitting clothes. Similarly, I avoided girl problems and did not put up any sexy pictures of girls but only interesting math posters on the walls. Let the story be told that way.

When a nice girl gave me a hug after class every day the first week, I wrote on the top right corner of the board "No Hugs. Hi 5's OK!"

Thus, that girl was not named or embarassed, and we still had a good way to express friendship/affection/goodwill. Well, I don't know Michael Johnson and his whole story, but I do know that fanatical over-the-top hysterical religious and patriotic kooky vigilante extemism is VERY BAD STUFF, AND A CRIME! Hopefully, we'll prosecute these deep state bastards in D.C. like comey and strock and page and brennan and so on, and so on... but we have to act locally, too, and stop stevie and his parent co-conspirators and their fbi blackshirt brats from vigilante actions and their illegal "hire to fire" actions. Do you know how much trouble that has caused Michael Johnson? Do you know how much trouble it caused me? Stranted in gallup, living in motels, depleting my funds, meanwhile they're scalping me at the vehicle repair shop. For example, I left gallup at the end of December but had to return because of serious faulty wheel work. Anyway, these parents, the briggs, were AWFUL, and they clearly seemed to be in conspiracy with stevie. I clearly remember things their daughter said to me out loud in class. They were clearly all out of line, cheeky to say the least, "Are you a new teacher?" questioning my capability. "It's prounouced axis," correcting me when I used the plural "axes." "Am I supposed to go home and tell my father you said I was wrong?" threatening me saying that her father was on call 24-hours a day on his job. But the real kicker was this one, "THE PRINCIPAL'S GONNA FIRE YOU!" Now, how was this sixth grader to be privy to administrative deliberations? Well, I'll tell you. She heard it from her parents, that's how. And the parents got it from multiple, constant deliberations with stevie. Maybe her dad was an fbi blackshirt brat from the deep state. Maybe these people, under orders from their superiors in the fbi, or on their own, take actions to seek out politically unpopular people and put them through hell in a "hire to fire" scheme. with nitwit religious fanatics like stevie on board. After all, REMEMBER, when I told stevie about the creepy voc ed shop teacher guy putting a 12" hunting knife to my belly on the first day of teacher orientation, bratty stevie SMIRKED and said, "he's a nice guy, and a deacon in my church." About a month after school starts, teachers have a night when they meed all the parents. We spend a little time with each one, and when the briggs dude came in and I seated him at a desk with refreshments as I did with all the parents, he behaved differently from them all. He STARED motionless the entire time, almost in the eye, but I guess he wasn't man enough for that. He stared ALMOST in the eye, but diverted off to the side. It was creepy, but I ignored it and chatted about the class and his daughter's performance. Later, he emailed me, or his daughter gave me a note, requesting a textbook for her to work out of. Well, this was a conundrum the principal put me in, and this briggs dude probably knew it full well. The first meeting I had with the principal, the day I got there, I enthusiastically asked about the textbooks I'd be using, but he said I wouldn't be using textbooks, that I'd be working off the internet day to day, week to week, never knowing what I'd be doing the next week, shackled to the troubled other 6th grade "math teacher," debbie hall. Later, on this briggs dude sent me an email essentially saying I had passed his test and have a good year. As I say...cheeky. But the mother became a big problem at the end. To make it brief, I only had 2 students out of all 5 classes, who were good at math. The rest didn't know the basics. I wasn't allowed to teach them because I had to follow this ridiculous common core nonsense, and stevie was on my back constantly, (MS. SINGH, A PROFESSIONAL WHO WAS IN MY CLASSES EVERY DAY, AND WHO'D WORKED AT THE SCHOOL SINCE IT WAS BUILT, WAS TOTALLY ON BOARD WITH ME ABOUT TEACHING THEM THE BASICS AND ABOUT FILING A COMPLAINT AGAINST stevie's ABUSE.) forcing me to waste time and energy with debbie hall. So, the kids were basically averaging about 25% or so on their tests, and I graded them "on a curve." It showed on the parcc test, a "big important test" stevie was all worked up about. Anyway, a couple of A's, a couple of F's, and the rest were graded D, C, B. The briggs child did not get a good enough grade for the mother, SO stevie MADE ME RE-DO ALL THE GRADES FOR ALL THE CLASSES. not counting the parcc test, but only using the inflated grades I gave them.

by the way, stevie, the principal, gave us all the parcc tests a few weeks before the test and expected us to use the tests to prepare the students for the tests

That's Probably Illegal.

In the past decade or so, I've read about school district scandals throughout the country where test fraud was the issue. Giving the teachers the test beforehand with the expectation that they "use it" to prepare the students for the test seems to fall right into that category, i.e., TEST FRAUD! (Oddly enough, the briggs child called me on that, too. She told me in class that we're not supposed to do that. I felt that she was right, and all I wanted to do was teach math and I could care less what they scored on the test. To me, it was just an indicator of what they knew and could do and what we needed to learn and practice. But since stevie was an apoplectic nightmare, I figured that was his problem. He ought to know what the law and ethics were. So, I just tried to skirt the issue by taking each problem and changing little things. A "group of workers" would be "a sports team." A high hill would become a tall building or a tower, etc., and of course I used different numbers. The briggs mother demanded that I explain her child's grade, and I took the time to prepare for her a breakdown of all the tests. Then, I had to have a meeting with the mother after school. I had a teacher or some specialist come up to my room with a note advising me on how to behave with the briggs mother. By this point, I was beyond exasperated and this onslaught against me. Meanwhile the briggs girl was awful in class, trying to stir up the class against me (unsuccessfully). When a boy said out loud that she said that I was a dirty old man, (I certainly found her not attractive) I asked my advisor teacher what to do, and she said to report her. She had to transfer to the other math class. Fortunately, my truck was scheduled to be in the shop right after school, and I was running about 10 minutes late to the meeting with the briggs mom. I texted the principal and told him I'd be late, but he said the meeting was over. Good. Anyway, they got rid of me by the end of that week, I think. So, clearly, these briggs parents had excessive clout with stevie, the principal. THEY WERE WHITE, ENTITLED OF COURSE. Are they entitled fanatics with an excessive sense of self-esteem? Are they fbi or other agents? citizen informers like Patrick Byrne, or what? So, are they the parents who suddenly "found out" and complained about the band teacher? I conjecture that this is a pattern of hysterical fanaticism with stevie wartgo and conspiring parents and a teacher or so involved, too.
Principals are supposed to PROTECT teachers from abusive parents, NOT conspire with abusive, entitled, white parents and their child to harass and fire a teacher.

They should be like this Australian Headmaster.

When this shouting occurred, 6th grade math teacher debbie hall put her head down and wept. Scroll Down 1 frame

When the new math teacher informed principal stevie wartgo of the knife incident, stevie smirked and replied that the shop teacher was a "nice guy and was a deacon in his church."


Two weeks later, at the math teachers' meeting, the new math teacher bumped his shoulder, side by side, to the shoulder of the weeping, obviously stressed, debbie hall, in an attempt to cheer her up (like a friendly fist bump).

The next morning the new math teacher was called to the principal's office and informed that they were filing a sexual harassment complaint against him for the encouraging shoulder bump.

He'd been there a full 2 weeks at that time and now had a sexual harassment complaint for an encouraging shoulder bump. When the new math teacher discussed this with superintendent of personnel Dunkersloot, Dunkersloot said to the new math teacher that he "better not let it bother him or it wouldn't work out too well for him." It did bother him and eventually, after much stress and effort, he got that superintendent to email to the principal that they would not pursue the complaint, for lack of evidence.

From day one, the principal was rude and hostile to the new math teacher, harassing him in his classroom often multiple times per day, and repeatedly calling the new math teacher to the principal's office for a threatening scolding.

(PUT HERE THE EVENT WHEN I WAS MAKING COPIES AS REQUIRED, AND THE MACHINE STOPPED WORKING AND STEVIE WARTGO THREW A FIT TELLING ME HOW ANGRY HE WAS ABOUT THIS AND HOW THIS MACHINE HAD A MILLION MILES ON IT AND HE HAD A BRAND NEW MACHINE IN THE CLOSET TO REPLACE IT, MEANING HE HAD A TEACHER TO REPLACE ME. LIVING IN THE HOUSE WITH THE OTHER TEACHERS, SUBBING? THEN I SUGGESTED TURNING IT OFF AND ON, AND WE CALLED SERVICE DEPT AND THEY SUGGESTED THE SAME AND WE DID AND IT WORKED. ALSO, FIRST DAY WARTGO'S "CRISIS" OF MUD ON THE CHAIRS BY LADY) The first week, the principal came to the new math teacher's room and scolded him for improperly arranging the desks in groups, "contrary to all educational theory." Then the principal escorted the new teacher to other classrooms to observe various appropriate ways of arranging desks. They went to a classroom where the teacher had the desks arranged EXACTLY the way the new teacher had arranged his desks and the principal held it forth as an excellent example. This "Taming of The Shrew" behavior by the principal was repeated many times, possibly, as in the Shakespeare play, to break the will, spirit and morale of the teacher by being constantly irrational and unreasonable and behaving madly in his position of authority. Ms. Singh, a senior teacher's aide, who worked in the new math teacher's classroom every day, and said that she'd been at Manuelito School since it was built, encouraged the new math teacher to go to district and file a grievance, and that he would get the help he needed to deal with the principal's abuse. When the new math teacher was at district for another purpose, he asked to speak to a superintendent for an "intervention," (which is education talk for assistance) regarding the principal's abuse. In other words, the teacher did not want to raise it to the level of a grievance, but just wanted a professional to intervene. The following Sunday the principal came to the teacher's classroom where the teacher spent many weekend hours preparing and threatened the teacher with a reprimand for insubordination for speaking to district. The principal stayed so long and behaved so hostile that the teacher had to grab his things and leave the classroom to prevent the situation from escalating to shouting and possible physical altercation. However, the principal stalked and harangued the new teacher all the way down the stairs and all the way to his vehicle where they continued energetic discussion for another 20 to 30 minutes at the teacher's vehicle. Of course, the teacher got no preparation work done that day. On that day the principal told the teacher he would not get a 2-week vacation. So, already in September, the principal was determined to fire the new teacher, and he did so by the end of October (the 2-week vacation being Christmas). One of the students whose parents were close to the principal repeatedly said out loud to the teacher in the classroom, "the principal is going to fire you." The teacher had spoken to the district union representative about the situation before, and called him again after this very serious Sunday incident, and asked him to file a grievance. The union representative said it wasn't time for that yet, and the teacher wondered just how bad it would have to get for action. NOTES key/lesson plans/posters money to burn/no 2-week vacation/TRAPezoid/illegal advisor/then spy/irrational I have a brand new ready photocopier ready to go, not one with a million miles like you The harassment continued unabated, continuously. The teacher informed the principal that, on informal legal advice, the teacher did not want to have ANY contact at all with debbie hall other than the minimum that was absolutely necessary to do his job. Really, there was no reason for the two to ever meet at all since they could conduct any required communication via email. However, the principal dug his heels in and challenged the teacher to present the legal advice and FORCED the teacher to meet continuously with debbie hall in meetings that were simply draining and stressful.

debbie hall rips Mr. Scully's interesting and educational math posters off the wall and tosses them on the floor.

There was an important statewide test toward the end of October. The new teacher had to go to district the night before for a new teacher training event, so the next morning he and 3 other teachers were in his classroom doing final preparations for the statewide test that day, and debbie hall was one of them, though she wasn't supposed to be in the new teacher's classroom at all, ever, after her frivolous sexual harassment complaint. The new teacher was covering with butcher paper all the math posters that he had bought. When he was on the final wall and about 5 minutes from completion, the two other teachers left the room, and immediately debbie hall ripped the remaining math posters off the wall and tossed them on the floor. The new math teacher sent an email to the union representative the next day about that incident, and the union representative filed a grievance against debbie hall. The teacher in the room next to the new teacher, who was appointed as his "advisor teacher" scolded the new teacher and said "it wasn't funny" as if he was a little boy doing a prank by filing the grievance which, by the way, the union rep did without his knowledge. Then, this teacher's "mother died." Maybe it was true, maybe not, but it got her a leave of absence for a week or two so she didn't have to answer questions about that morning when she was there when the math teacher was covering his posters with butcher paper, not tearing them down and tossing them on the floor. Incidentally, the first week of school, the principal sent many emails to staff that he had "money to burn," but not on textbooks. The math teacher was given a room with bare walls and he needed interesting, decorative, educational math posters, but the principal would not purhase them, so the math teacher spent $200 or $300 purchasing them on his own. A week later, in a stunning move, they "found" a note for a student in the math teacher's trash can, they said, that looked like it was printed by the math teacher. (a few months later, after illegally, according to public defender, and in violation of teacher's civil rights, according to public defender, impounding math teacher's home, a UHaul motor home, for several months and illegally, according to public defender, "searching" said motor home, they said they "found" another note. Perhaps vice principal galaviz created this note, as well, as the evaluation she created on the day of eviction was a work of fantasy. In the evaluation she carried on that the math teacher "did not use technology EVEN THOUGH IT WAS RIGHT THERE FOR HIM TO USE." While the rest of the evaluation consisted of matters of judgment (EVERYTHING was thumbs down), the "not using technology" comment was simply contrary to fact. He was finding excellent lessons on the internet every day and projecting them on a screen at the front of the class, making this his preferred method of delivery of topics. Also, he gave students the opportunity to work out problems on a device in the back that also projected onto the screen, BUT ONLY AFTER he had arranged the furniture so that no student would be close to him as she/he did so (the classroom was jam-packed with desks, so it was several weeks of trial and error and re-arranging before students could come back and use the device without bumping into the teacher unless he got up and moved, which would sometimes interfere with his work). To that point, the first week, one very nice girl gave the teacher a hug at the end of class each day. The teacher considered the matter and did not want to embarass her with a negative rebuke about expressing positive friendly feelings. So, he decided to put a note on the board, in the corner, and that note stayed there, that said "NO HUGS. HI FIVES OK!" and then he spoke for about 30 seconds to each class about it, saying that teachers weren't allowed to hug students). This note carried on about a proposed gift to the girl of a "stiff, hard, blood-red, dripping, engorged, sensuous, exciting, sticky red pen" for her, or something like that. The cleverness on their part is that these fabrications are loosely based on something that happened that was ok and normal. For example, the teacher had a large collection of pencils and pens, on his desk, of various colors that were liberally offered to students who didn't have one. Pens And Pencils In The Classroom This was just a practical matter, to make the class move along smoothly. One day, at the end of class, the girl complained to her friend that she had lost her red pen (the two were into crafts and they had an assortment of colored pens and pencils). The teacher did offer to her a red pen the next day that he had found on the floor (the janitors never cleaned so he had to). This is like the Steele Dossier, where they took items that were already common knowledge in the news and presented them as top secret, "uncovered" facts. In fact, the teacher did want to talk to the girl about good, healthy, friendly, appropriate "boundaries," and may have made notes to do so on his enormous "to do" list, but it was not a talk to be blundered into, for similar reasons as with the girl who hugged, i.e., it was important to keep it a positive experience for all involved. So, galaviz' evaluation comments that the teacher, "DIDN'T USE IT, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS RIGHT THERE FOR HIM TO USE," seems like provocative, taunting mockery, as he clearly WAS using technology, extensively, as instructed, but what he WASN'T using, that was right there, was the girl. THE ONES WHO DID USE THE GIRL, FOR THEIR OWN DEVIOUS PURPOSES, AND THEIR OWN PERSONAL SELF-GRATIFICATION WERE galaviz, wartgo, and involved district administrators. Within a week they terminated the math teacher for not having a credential yet, even though he did get one on time, even though the principal wartgo was doing all he could to prevent that. That is, the math teacher was receiving his mail at the school, and that included all the transcripts ordered from a dozen schools. But only ONE transcript mattered. That was from the college that issued his B.A., UC Davis. Inexplicably, 11 transcripts showed up, but that one never did. Hmmm. Luckily, suspecting sabotage/theft by the principal the math teacher hastily ordered a rush transcript to be sent directly to district. These facts need to be investigated and presented in a Court of Law. The public education department of the State of New Mexico needs to be informed of this situation and these events and more that were covered up. I am seeking a good legal team Call 915 228-8032





They LURED Mr. Scully to teacher employment in Gallup and then IMMEDIATELY harassed and threatened and fired him (job offer Thursday by phone, in Chicago, and then yell and bully and threaten with 12" hunting knife the next Tuesday in gallup.) Premeditated intent seems apparent, though such crazy and irresponsible and unprofessional and illegal behavior COULD have a different crazy explanation.) Was it the LEFT, the crazy, hysterical entitled liberal brats emanating from the sacramento of 1982? That was my first thought (especially after reflecting on the strange "coincidence" of meeting mark rudd at the gallup nm public library in 2017 after I had been fired), and so it was the argument I laid out here (Theories 1 through 3) in my email to the then NM Governor Martinez and educ dept Or was it the RIGHT, the AOC-obsessed, Putin-bashing, simple-minded, anachronistic (living in previous decades and centuries), climate-change-denying, anti-science, sex-voyeuristic, uneducated, useful idiots of police, military and religious dogmatism? Recent events and considerations make me more inclined to this explanation, since simple stevie wartgo and slasher riley white are the type that would conspire with the fbi/dod and do their bidding. (stevie, the principal, boasted of his delusions of being a military man, and I can just envision his delighted response to the agent from the fbi/cia/dod or whatever agency when they approached him to conspire with them in their continuing schemes to destroy me (The Politics of Personal Destruction), just like Norman Cass Jr., the brainless son of Frank Skeffington's nemesis in "The Last Hurrah, "Oh, That'd thertainly be thuper thpecial!" Though originally it was the left in sacramento, over the recent decades it has been the right, the VA, the cia, the fbi, and various police agencies that have been harassing me. So when you read the letter to fmr Governor Martinez, below, you will see that I added, on January 27, 2019 (5 months ago), THEORY NUMBER 4, and I put it first, on top, before theories 1 through 3, which were the theories I presented to Governor Martinez and the educ dept on October 18, 2018. Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Apparently not, and the enemy of my enemy is my enemy. In a sense, of course, they're not each others' enemies, as they have a symbiotic relationship of strife and chaos they serves them both well. That is, the LEFT and the RIGHT thrive from the stife and the drama that they create. (In other words, while all the FUCTING BULLSHIT going on constantly at the national level BENEFITS THE NATIONAL POLITICIANS AND BENEFITS THE MEDIA WHOSE CAREERS ARE SUPERCHARGED BY THIS ENDLESS ATTENTION we the people are stressssssed to exhaustion and poverty by it), MAKING THEM STARS SYMBIOTIC adj. characterized by or being a close, cooperative, or interdependent relationship.) Here, as an example, is a story about Chris Cuomo suffering from the wrath of both sides because both sides are dominated by

Intolerant Fanatics

So, I use this article about Chris Cuomo to illustrate the point that it's not about ME

It's about them!

They do it to other responsible, respectable people, too. BOTH SIDES DO. (The yelling interruption of Kavanaugh was clearly partisan standard operating procedure. But the attacks on Chris Cuomo, another distingished and respected individual, illustrate that it is not delusion or paranoia for one like me to state "both sides are out to get me.") (starting with the fanatic liberal fascists in education in sacramento, and then later, also starting with the Republican police state fanatics in alaska/sacramento) QUOTE FROM THE LINKED ARTICLE "making him the only anchor TO DRAW FIRE FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM. Liberals get angry at him for giving airtime to Kellyanne Conway and hyper-partisans like Trump-boosting Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz. Conservatives get angry at him for pretty much everything else, believing him to be a lefty masquerading as an unbiased truth-teller."

Open Letter To NM Governor Martinez To Recuse and Replace

WHY the gallup-mckinley school district in NM Committed Such Criminal And Unprofessional Acts
October 18, 2018 Governor Susana Martinez, State of New Mexico, Dear Govenor Martinez, Eight days ago, on October 11, 2018, I received a phone call from Jeremy Garcia, chief investigator with the New Mexico Public Education Department. I'm glad there was a quick response to my whistleblowing complaint, with no delay. That could mean NMPED is determined to investigate the outrageous illegal behavior of the gallup-mckinley school district administration. On the other hand, it could indicate a determination on the part of NMPED investigators to "get" me, if they feel that I "got away" two years ago. A year and a half ago, I was meeting with my union attorney and an NMPED investigator in the attorney's Albuquerque office. The attorney took me into another room and read me the riot act, "That guy is not here to hear your side of the story and to understand you. He's out to 'get you,' to nail you." During last week's phone conversation, Garcia asked me WHY the school district administrators behaved so illegally and in such an unacceptably unprofessional manner. Their extraordinary determined harassment of me may need an extraordinary explanation, and I believe that it's related to harassment and blacklisting and character assassination that date back to 1982 when I wrote Newsletters that satirized political correctness in education BEFORE ANYONE ELSE DID, BEFORE RUSH LIMBAUGH DID, BEFORE PETER THIEL DID WITH "THE STANFORD REVIEW," BEFODRE DINESH D'SOUZA DID WITH "ILLIBERAL EDUCATION," BEFORE DIANE RAVITCH DID WITH "THE LANGUAGE POLICE," BEFORE TAMMY BRUCE DID WITH "THE THOUGHT POLICE, AND BEFORE ALL THE SHOCKED CONSERVATIVE AND NEUTRAL PUNDITS HAVE BEEN DOING OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS IN THE FACE OF OUTRAGEOUS CENSORSHIP OF CONSERVATIVE THOUGHT OR ANY THOUGHT THAT DOESN'T ALIGN WITH MAINSTREAM POLITICAL CORRRECTNESS. Garcia dismissed that idea out of hand and shortly said that the investigation wasn't going to go the way I want it to. What I want is a thorough and unbiased investigation into the courageous whistleblowing complaint I have made, targeting the gallup-mckinley school district administrators, and some teachers.

NMPED Investigator Expresses Bias and Prejudgment

Based on these two judgments that Garcia made before investigating anything at all, and based on the attorney's opinion expressed a year and a half ago about the attitude of the NMPED investigator, and based on further information which I will explain below, I believe that is apparent that the NMPED investigators are a tainted pool of investigators and should be recused from this investigation. That is what I am requesting here, that is, that you initiate action to have my whistleblowing complaint investigated, thoroughly and without bias, by highly qualified investigators who are unbiased and not associated with the New Mexico Public Education Department. ********* After investigator Garcia and I spoke a few minutes, he asked if he could record our conversation and I agreed. Then we spoke a long time, over an hour I guess. I don't recall saying anything new, just expanding on the outline I had sent in my complaint, and there is still much more expanding that can be done. Of course he asked me WHY they did it or why I thought they did it and, of course, I don't know WHY because I can't read their minds, but my speculations and insights will be helpful because I know the entire story, having lived it, with all the nuances and details. WHY they behaved that way is the 60 million dollar question, and perhaps only an extraordinary explanation can explain such extraordinarily bad behavior on their part. I CAN THINK OF THREE POSSIBILITIES THEORY NUMBER 4. (Added January 27, 2019) Since the behavior of many administrators and teachers was so unprofessional and criminal, it strains the mind to explain it. Nevertheless, it is all true as I have said it, and there is more. This can all be verified by professional investigation and interrogation. Theories, or attempted explanations, one through three, (see below) tried to explain it as resulting either from principal stevie wartgo's distorted personality and mental structure or from a decades-long political attack on me, or a combination of both. The political attacks on me began when I got on the radar screens of the brats at the highest level in education and politics who were liberal/left/politically-correct. I also mentioned that these clever liberals, as a sort of Standard Operating Procedure in recent decades, manipulated Stupid-Party useful idiot conservatives to go after me, as a sort of force multiplier. So let's say, for example, that senator barbara boxer and her clique of advisors, since they were in a high position in government, i.e., U.S. Senator, pretended not to see the mocking satire in my Newsletters, and hence reported to the fbi and such that I was a dangerous, radical, terrorist threat hell bent on blowing up universities. (I AM intent on destroying universities, as they are today, but with ideas and thoughts and facts that will expose what intellectual houses-of-cards they are, not with actual explosives, the way the brats of the sixties and seventies did. In the spirit of Peter Thiel, my thought and idea attacks on the shallow, politically correct universities, will destroy the nonsense, and replace it with sense. The pretty buildings will remain. Liberals are much more intelligent than simple-minded police like the fbi/cia/dod etc. whom they can easily manipulate. Such simple-minded agents, always seeking out wars and criminals, imaginary or not, dutifully obeyed THE AUTHORITY, i. e., the clever, kooky, loony, bratty, devious senator boxer and her clique of advisors. Once they start building a file, real or imaginary, they can't stop. Their careers depend on there being "bad guys" and they will imagine them up or create them if they don't actually exist. So senator boxer created one for them, and saved them the trouble. THE STRAW MAN BAD GUY THAT THEY HAVE CREATED AND SPREAD FILES ON AND WHOM THEY HAVE HARASSED AND SANCTIONED FOR 37 YEARS IS NOT ME, but it has had their desired effect of destroying my careers, reputation AND personal life. It is clear from the facts I have presented that the principal stevie wartgo was attacking me FROM THE VERY DAY I ARRIVED with yelling teachers, hunting knives to the belly, frivolous sexual harassment charges, nonsensical harassment in the classroom, threats, face-to-face hostility and provocation. WHY? Who set him up to do it? Now, with the unexpected meeting that I had in the Gallup public library with Mark Rudd, I felt it was evidence of a clear connection with the usual suspects, i.e., the liberal left extremist politically correct education/political players of barbara boxer's ilk. After all, Mark Rudd's buddy from Columbia, stanley gruen, was obviously assigned to rent a room in my duplex to harass me because Rudd was mad about the Ravitch quote about him that I put in my ebook, www.davidscully.com/TheTruthOurGraduateStudent.htm HOWEVER, sometimes it's just one particular thing that exposes what's going on. For example, the Mark Rudd connection is the thing that clearly shows a conection to high level liberal Democratic radical activist factions in education. But here's another angle to consider. It has to do with the simple-minded religious conservative principal stevie wartgo. EVERY DAY stevie wartgo got on the school's public address system and DEVOUTLY recited the Pledge of Allegiance to The Flag. That's ok. It's just that the way he did it always struck me as a little over the top. But I stood and my class stood, and we faced the flag and recited along. I remember doing it in Catholic School sometimes. I hadn't seen it done in a long, long time, though. I thought it was a bit odd to ALWAYS, EVERY DAY, recite The Pledge, and the pricipal recited it SOOOOOO DEVOUTLY, like it was half-time at the Super Bowl or something. He once remarked that he fancied himself as a military officer, even though, as far as I know, he never was in the military. (I thought it was rather strange that The Pledge of Allegiance, and only The Pledge of Allegiance, was recited, and with such religious fervor, considering that indigenous Native Americans and Mexican Americans were slaughtered and abused and robbed by the U. S.) But, anyway, the question is WHY did he behave so illegally and unprofessionally, and WHO IS BEHIND IT? I postulated that it was the liberal vendetta from california education administrators and politicians. But consider this. In 2010 I wrote my ebook in the summer and in December of 2010 Diane Ravitch emailed me the honorific Title, Doctor of Education. In The Spring of 2011 I was invited to The World Russia Forum in Washington, D.C. I drove the 127 miles with the intention of being quiet and humble, but took the microphone to respond to a gratuitous insult to The Russians, and I instantly became well-known once again at the highest levels. The reason I had sent my ebook to The Voice of Russia is because I felt that The Russians might be the only ones who would understand the harassment I was enduring, which was so bad that I felt I might have to leave the country and seek political asylum elsewhere. Since that Forum in 2011, U.S. government agents have stalked, harassed and pressured me a lot more, exponentially more one might say. Every time I went to a VA hospital or clinic for routine medical care, such as psoriasis prescriptions. The agents strongly implied threats against my daughter who is a medical officer in the Air Force Reserve, and implied threats to her welfare. I had to write a couple of letters to Condoleezza Rice to please protect her. I sent the letters by snail mail because I know the fbi/security agents tap everything I say or write electronically. I was especially concerned when my daughter almost died on a Reserve drill weekend at travis afb in california because she was bitten all over by bed bugs. HMMMM...Just her? Was richard perle behind this, or what? richard perle was the provocative loudmouth bully at the 2011 World Russia Forum, screaming "Cold War! Cold War!" He's some damn punk ass staffer who weaseled his way up to assistant secretary of defense, I believe. To me, he's just another rabble-rousing punk ass liberal from new york city from The Oldest Childrenation (born in the 1940's). In fact, I lately have wondered if there has been a history of offering me jobs that are very dangerous, jobs where I could lose my life. For example, a few years ago I was offered a job with savannah transport out of west jordan city ut. They hauled hazardous waste and part of the driver's job was to go in and strap down the drums without any breating apparatus. The stench of the waste was hard to bear. One time, I felt naueous and dizzy and about to pass out while driving on the Interstate, just after loading. Fortunately a ramp was in sight and I made it there and I lay down for 20 minutes and it passed. I mentioned it to the receiver and he brushed it off, but there was a clear cause and effect there without a doubt. Once this idea came to me, I began to recollect many other jobs that I was given that were very, very dangerous. The teaching job in Red Devil AK was considered to be a life-threatening assignment. And many of the trucking jobs that I've had, such as, but not limited to, the hazardous waste hauling job I mentioned above, were life-endangering, and may have been especially assigned to me for that purpose. It is quite apparent that the fbi and/or other security agencies whisper in the ears of owners/managers of the trucking companies I apply to, and this has been going on for decades, but it has been getting much, much, much, much more hostile in recent years. Indeed, the craigslist ads I look at and the trucking job solicitations I receive, may just be ads put up by fbi/security for me to respond to. After all, they watch and record every stroke I make on my computer or cell phone, and they know that I check craigslist el paso and odessa regularly for work. Easy for them to direct me to the cooperative/conspiring trucking company of their choice. All trucking companies are EXTREMELY obedient and compliant with the mere wishes or whims of the security agencies. In fact, decades ago I became aware that the cabs of the trucks were wired with audio and possibly video surveillance, and I can even give you testimony that indicates that such audio surveillance and video) was placed in my automobiles. (I remember one Friday I was listening to two brats, armstrong and getty, on the limbaugh channel in sacramento, kfbk. As they signed off for the weekend, they said, "Have a nice weekend, Dave," or something like that. It seemed like they were talking about me and I always wondered about it, because THAT's CRAZY! How could they POSSIBLY have the technology to know who's listening to them? But now, rethinking it all, it all makes sense. EASY SQUEAZY PLEAZY! Limbaugh has the fbi or somebody plant a bug in your car. When they listen to the bug (the electronic device) and the bug is transmitting the armstrong and getty show to them, they know I'm in the car listening to armstrong and getty, and they subtly let me know the power of their reach when they close the week with these words, "Have a nice weekend, Dave!" And then, one rethinks a lot of other instances, in the trucking industry, that suddenly start to make astonishing sense when you realize "they've been bugging me all the time!" Once I was working for a major over the road trucking company, and I was taking a load to Bellevue WA. I was listening to limbaugh and he was saying something like, "the guy belongs in Bellevue." At the time, I believe, limbaugh was broadcasting from Manhattan. Bellevue is the mental hospital on the East Side of Manhatten, and it's a common expression in New York, when you want to say that someone is crazy, or when someone says something that you disagree with, to say "He belongs, or you belong, in Bellevue." cr england trucking, another criminal trucking company (on or near 5/1/2019 they settled for $37.8 million. The plaintiffs alleged that england violated Utah's Truth in Advertising Act, Business Opportunity Disclosures Act and Consumer Sales Practices Act. They further alleged it had committed fraud, negligent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, and breach of fiduciary duty.) I second that motion. england abused me, ripped me off, and then, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, tried to get me married to a girl I had met in a club in Tijuana MX! What really creeped me out about that was that it implied that there are so many spies in Tijuana, even in a club where you go to relax and let your guard down, AND THAT THESE SPIES REPORTED TO THE TRUCKING COMPANY MANAGEMENTS through the fbi or cia or whoever! Then, of course, there's the mobster companies in PA and NJ. ANOTHER evil company (almost ALL of them are) is mesilla valley transportaion in el paso. I worked for them two times, and then for an owner operator who worked for them. They conspired with the owner operator to defraud me of over $400 by having him hire me and send me on a load to Laredo and back. Then he fired me after one trip and replaced me with two guys who were just getting out of orientation. By the way, they have 2 or 3 three overlapping orientations per week, and the classroom is always full with 20 or 25 people. And, speaking of surveillance, they explain the video camera, that's always pointed at the driver, this way. "It's never recording, until makes a sudden, unexpected movement. Then it records the previous 10 seconds." Think about that one. I'm getting a little tired of explaining things. the kid who runs it is the son. his name is "bumper." The VA has been an arm of the security agencies, and have given me prescriptions that were harmful to me. For 7 years I have limped around with extremely swollen knees, suffering from inflamed bursa (and what's called a Baker's Cyst) For 7 years! And I brought it to the attemtion of the VA several times. On two occasions, they had extremely young and attractive females give me sonograms, running the instrument by hand on the back of my knees and up my thigh close to my groin So they just played nonsensical head games of some sort, but never treated the inflammation. They mentioned aspiration (draining it) but never did it. I deferred, thinking the medical professionals knew better, and never imagining they would be violating their oath by failing to treat me. Eventually, recently, after it became crystal clear to me that the VA is my enemy and not my friend (because they always now have security agency people attending to me, not medical personnel, or medics who are also security agents), I studied about inflamed bursa and Baker's Cysts on the internet, and the consensus was that aspiration is a trivial process. One site put it this was, "If you're even thinking about it, you should do it." It's that trivial. SO I WENT TO MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CIUDAD JUAREZ FOR THE MEDICAL TREATMENT THAT THE VA WOULD NOT GIVE ME. It was trivial. The doctor stuck a needle behind my left knee and took out 3 1/2 vials (35 ml) of fluid. He aspirated 5 (50 ml) of fluid from my right thigh. They expressed astonishment that I had been able to walk. SUCH IS THE VA AND THEIR TREATMENT OF THIS VETERAN. Wait. It gets worse. Back near sacramento at the mather va (formerly mather afb), right there under the controlling thumb of U.S. Senator barbara boxer's office, and a short distance from sac state (cal state univ sacramento) they seemed obsessed with giving me colonoscopies. I actually let them do it once (again, deferring to the medical pro's), but then they said it was only a partial, and that they wanted to do it again, and it seemed that for years any va that I ever went to seemed obsessed with giving me a colonoscopy. The first one was humiliating as two middle-aged females who looked more like they belonged in barbara boxer's office stuck a tube in my ass and it was like they were sexing me, and it was unpleasant. In retrospect, the macabre notion that they were just "fucking with me" again is all too real. At the va hospital in lebanon pa, near middletown they seemed so interested in my stool. They wanted me to mail my stool to them every week, or something. In retrospect, this obsession with colonoscopies (fucking me) and my stool seems related to barbara boxer as commentary on the newsletters I wrote (i.e., they were "shit"). In fact, the time barbara boxer tried to frame me with bankruptcy fraud ( it's in my ebook, www.davidscully.com/TheTruth.htm ) the bankruptcy attorney who was conspiring with them was jerking me around and wasting all my time there in the federal building near barbara boxer's office and he presented me with a scrap of paper and had me write and sign something and the imagery there and the symbology, again, is that what I wrote at sac state was trash.

but this is where it's at with what I did at sac state in 1982. I was right and I am still right. they were wrong and they are still wrong. If they don't like the way I got so tough on them in my newsletters, they could have, in a civil and collegial manner, responded and engaged in the community dialogue I requested when I overtly requested a university community dialogue about the entitled 1960's white bratch COBOL instructor from Georgia (where they had slavery while my ancestor fought for The Union!) and hippie department chair's wife, (john gwynn, smirking hippie like bill harris involved in the kidnapping, rape and torture of Patty Hearst, AND I NEVER KIDNAPPED RAPED AND TORTURED ANYBODY! AND I NEVER RAPED ANYBODY! AND I NEVER MOLESTED ANY CHILD! AND I NEVER RAPED ANY CHILD! sex pervert hippies of The Oldest Childrenation, born in the forties like my creepy brother-in-law charles weldon who wanted to do a menage-a-trois with me to spite my sister after their divorce and their honeymoon consisted of spitting on each other on a streetcorner in Paris, the City of Love and he was a computer science professor at city college in manhattan and may have been behind all this bullshit that I endured from the computer science brats at sac state and he died strangely in yugoslavia or somewhere where he meddled like a smartass in liberal/radical politics and I suspect was killed by the CIA or something) sticking her finger to my nose scolding "white men have it coming to them!" and telling us we can't say the word "gal" anymore, while she used the nword! What a fucting brat she was! Similarly, simple religious fanatic stevie wartgo who fantasizes about being a military officer could have had a dialog with me if he heard things he didn't like in the four days between hiring me Thursday and having teachers yell at me ane stick a knife to my belly Tuesday. The fact that he didn't take this common sense step EVER indicates that the entire thing was a SETUP and A FRAUD and that his dream came true in that he WAS working for the fbi/cia/security agencies, just like the simple-minded nitwits at the trucking conmpanies.

Another thing. At the va in minot nd, they sent me for a hearing test. Why? I don't know? I had never indicated (or presented) in any way as hard of hearing. They said I could hear the left better, though I thought I could hear the right better. But it probably wasn't about hearing at all, in the literal sense. It was probably to mean that I couldn't hear the messages that the LEFT and the RIGHT were giving me. I guess both of those messages were/are "FUCK YOU!" They just work together and scratch each others' backs and wash each others' hands. the minot va is the one that sent me to a hospital to have a hot teenage girl run her hands up and down the backs of my legs around my knees with a sonogram. What was the point? Some kind of psych game. They never aspirated the fluid. I HAD TO GO TO MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN JUAREZ MZ TO GET THAT DONE! But wait. It gets worse. They lured me into trying to get a PTSD claim. (a lot of luring done, just like they lured me into The Graduate bar at sac state) My Indian doctor there at mather said I showed signs of PTSD. I rejected the idea of accepting a mental health stigma, but eventually I figured "what the hell. I've been sanctioned and I can't get any employment worth having,, so PTSD claims are welfare for veterans and everybody does it. Not much of a stigma there. But then they played "bait and switch" and the vietnamese psychiatrist, who saw me once for 10 or 15 minutes, and who couldn't speak a word of intelligible English (it was all ding, dong, ng, nang, gong, ang, dick, dong, doong, ding, etc.), and a few psychology majors from sac state (out to destroy me since 1982), and gave me a couple of prescriptions. Another doctor said "if it helps, take it," and I thought his reasoning made sense because, after all, I buy lots of supplements off the Wal Mart shelf because I've read that they're good for you, so why should I be biased against prescription "supplements?" One of them knocked me out to sleep even in the smallest doses (quetiapine), so I used it as a sleeping pill sometimes. They gave me another one too, which I took sporadically but I couldn't feel any effect, and had no idea what it was for or what it was supposed "to make better," but I was trusting in the medical personnel. UNTIL, many years later (5 or 6 years later or so) the physician at the camp hill pa va outreach medical clinic told me to stop taking it because it was only making me lethargic and causing weight gain.

In other words, the vietnamese psychiatrist at mather and the sac state psychology majors were just drugging me on orders from barbara boxer.

Other jobs that I have been offered such as teaching in red devil ak and oilfield driving, driving on snow/ice roads in north dakota in the winter, have been jobs where death was a strong possibility and often narrowly avoided. Now, in the summer of 2017, after I left gallup nm, I was living by the Santa Fe bridge to Juarez and three specific individuals harassed me and let me know that they were cia or dod agents. One was at a little Fair they were having in Juarez a couple of blocks from the border. I was trying to interact and meet people and make friends and learn Spanish, and one of the women told me that this fellow I'd met, a fully fluent bilingual who worked in the U.S., was spreading the word that I was "a bad person." Another was a slightly chubby Hispanic bilingual who came up to my table at McDonald on Paisano in El Paso and started rambling on with a question about whether I thought it was right for the cia to interfere with, and destroy, personal relationships south of the border? This was clearly a taunt about what the first fellow was doing. He said he worked at a car body and paint shop down the road but he never specifically identified it, though I asked more than once. This was clearly a taunt and an allusion to the fact that the father of the girl whom the gallup-mckinley school district used to try to set me up with sexual harassment charges worked in an auto paint and body shop. And Third, I encountered a stock, kind of weirdo-acting guy I encountered at the McDonalds in Anthony TX. He wore a CIA cap. He gave me a gift of $12, twelve dollars. Twelve was the approximate age of the student whom the gallup-mckinley school district used to try to stick me with a sexual harassment charge. I encountered him every time for a while and he would babble nonsense even though he was intelligent, and when I finally caught on that he was just there to harass me I had to pull out a knife to get him to leave me alone. By the way, that unprofessional principal stevie wartgo announced to the staff of Manuelito School at a large staff meeting, that he didn't learn anything in college except emancipation, and that he believed in emancipation, basically insulting the girl's parents, insinuating that the girl should be emancipated from them. It was obvious, extremely inappropriate and harmful and unprofessional and illegal, and the parents and the girl have a case based on slander/libel and perhap other actions for the harm to their reputation. The police of gallup arrested me a second time (almost certainly, ANOTHER ILLEGAL ARREST, like the first one that my public defender said was illegal) when I texted the father and told him about that incident. Informing a parent that the creepy principal was insinuating to the entire staff at the school that his daughter should be emancipated from him is not a crime. In my opinion, IT'S AN OBLIGATION. SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. That simple-minded religious fanatic principal stevie wartgo, who fancied himself a military officer, though he never served, who with dramatic patriotic devotion and enthusiasm recited The Pledge of Allegiance on the public address system each morning, was a tool, an agent, of the conservative Deep State abusers. It was they who set me up to be hired there and to be harassed and fired by their simple-minded useful idiot, stevie wartgo. That is THEORY NUMBER 4, that it was the simple-minded, dogmatic conservative wing of The Deep State, fbi/cia/dod, continuing to harass and entrap and enframe me for communicating with The Russians at the highest level, which, as a U. S. citizen, I have every right to do. (Of course, the harassment from the federal police state went back further, and my best estimate is that it started in the early 90's in alaska. Apparently, they had me as a/the prime suspect in an alaskan girl's murder, even though that could have been disproved with minimal investigation on their part. Also, after the outrage in waco tx and the terrorist retaliation in oklahoma city, they seemed to be targeting me as a Timothy McVeigh. Of course, the absurdity and the desperate grasping of it reached no bounds, as they built a fantasy story around me such that in Davis CA a policeman ranted on about me kidnapping Elizabeth Smart (She was big national news because she was a white, upper middle-class mormon girl, and really it seems that she just ran away with the handyman. bored mormon girl.) Even though I had helped in the Bush "Victory '88" campaign, helped Republican Governor Deukmejiam of CA at that time, and wrote the script for the rush limbaugh program. I think their "throwing me under the bus" resulted from my not "acting like a Republican," not acting like a simple-minded dolt. They feared me because they couldn't understand me. I jogged, biked, and kept fit and had a lot of progressive, intelligent New Age tendencies.. I believe in evolution, climate change, AND I BELIEVE that nobody knows what happened 2,000 years ago. In other words, I'm not one of them. I've heard a comment or two about people not liking "what I did in alaska." In alaska, I worked 3 jobs, teacher, truck driver, and national guard, and I built a house, and learned to dance and sing to the level that I was selected by a talent scout in Hollywood. But, after enduring 3 years of dancing with waddling matrons at the karaoke bar, The Last Frontier, for about 2 months one summer I frequented a new, non-alcoholic "all ages" club that I'd been invited to. One night a teen girl, likely on a dare, walked up to me and kissed me on the mouth, and walked away. I never saw her again. And, though invited to a small hot-tub party at a rich kid's house up in the hills, I declined the invitation. Whatever. I can rack my brains trying to read their innuendo, trying to figure out what it really is. Murder? Terrorism? Non-churchgoing? Suspected sex crimes? Once they've told each other that you're a "bad guy" they never stop. Now they're pride's involved. They could never admit that they're wrong. Remember, I'm NOT the one who kidnapped, tortured and raped Patty Hearst. I'm NOT the ones who drugged, raped, and dismembered and burned the 10-year-old beauty in Albuquerque in 2016. Maybe what's eating them is that I'm smart and good-looking. I'm sorry. That's not a crime. I know it eats the hell out of my two older brothers. And that's lasted a lifetime. THEORY NUMBER 1. The principal makes quick hire and regrets it. The principal has a "hotshot" gunslinger personality and he just hired me quickly (before someone else could). He hired me on Thursday, two days after our telephone interview, and then perhaps received negative information about me between Thursday and Monday morning when I arrived in gallup, having hurried from Chicago to be there first day of orientation. The hunting knife to the belly crime, and the orchestrated 3-large-male-yelling-interruption both occurred on the first day of orientation, and were clearly directed by principal wartgo. This explanation assumes that the hiring was genuine, and not a pre-planned conspiracy or entrapment, at least on the principal's part. It does not preclude a scenario where the principal was used as a "useful idiot," in a conspiracy/entrapment that he was not privy to. It assumes other things that are a bit difficult to accept easily, such as the narrow window of time for such negative information to arrive (but that would have been the plan in a conspiracy/entrapment) and why, if such negative information arrived that way, conspiratorial or not, the principal didn't question me about it, alone or in the presence of other administrators, but rather behaved as a furious madman for three months, obsessed with harassing and firing me. THEORY NUMBER 2. It's part of continuing conspiracy at the highest levels in education and government that I have documented in my 2010 ebook and elsewhere on my website. (Last month's 11th-hour political hit job on Kavanaugh shows that such attempts to destroy people are a Standard Operating Procedure) Though this sounds extraordinary to newcomers to my story, so was the illegal and unprofessional behavior of the district administrators. I have already, long ago, documented the harassment from U.S. Senator barbara boxer and sacramento mayor anne rudin and the president of sac state in the eighties and nineties. The very high profile Congresswoman bella abzug from New York came to sac state while I was writing the Newsletters, simply because I incidentally mentioned her as an example. Those behaviors were extraordinary. They show that my newsletters were very much noticed and had great impact at the highest levels of education and politics, starting in sacramento, and spreading out further and higher. I have also argued and laid out a clear and obvious argument that limbaugh was brought to sacramento by kfbk radio to imitate what I had done, but to do it on the radio. The rush limbaugh show started at kfbk radio in sacramento a short walk from sac state a short time after I wrote and distributed my Newsletters there, Newsletters that had earthquake repercussions at the highest levels in education and politics there. I have also documented blacklisting, harassment and entrapment attempts through the decades by education administrators. Now, I will add another example that is very relevant, in time and place, to the abuse I suffered in gallup in 2016 and 2017. In 2017 I met Mark Rudd in the gallup public library. I had just been fired, in November 2016, and was biding time in gallup waiting for the gallup court to drop their case against me (which the public defender told me was an illegal arrest, illegal search of my Uhaul home, and a violation of my civil rights for illegally taking my Uhaul motorhome that I lived in, and keeping it for over two months). I will shorten this statement about the Mark Rudd connection here, with more information below in notes. I wrote about Mark Rudd in my 2010 ebook www.davidscully.com/TheTruthOurGraduateStudent.htm especially in the last chapter, chapter 43. My point there was that the priorities and values and politics of the education system in the U.S. are skewed and distorted and extremely biased in the direction of political correctness and unfair to teacher aspirants who do not share politically correct (and some say "loony") attitudes. The example I used was that they hired terrorists like Bill Ayers and Mark Rudd, welcomed them in education, and blacklisted and harassed and character assassinated me, and all I did was write Newsletters for 7 weeks on a college campus to initiate a polite and civil dialogue about political correctness in 1982. I don't dislike Mark Rudd and I acknowledge his political activism and his leadership role in the anti-war movement, but I supported only non-violent civil disobedience. What I was really criticizing was not Mark Rudd, but the education system that rewarded those who were involved in terrorism and prone to deceptive rhetoric, while punishing me who just wrote Newsletters in a sincere effort at dialogue. Basically, I just quoted a few statements by Mark Rudd and Diane Ravitch from Ravitch's book "The Troubled Crusade." (see below) My point was (and it is still true today) that education is dominated by people who share Rudd's fanatical, extremist attitudes and who continue their activism now that they've been in the highest positions in education for decades, (The Deep State?) resorting to do illegal, immoral, unprofessional actions and entrapments and conspiracies, "WHATEVER IT TAKES!" to have their bratty fun and get their way. Not as dedicated and courageous as Rudd (who took actions that required him to go into hiding, or "underground") these brats try to show that they're "bad boys and girls not to be messed with" by picking on teacher aspirants like me with harassment, entrapment, blacklisting and character assassination. Such people, of Mark Rudd's generation and attitudes and viewpoints, are, no doubt, plentiful in high positions in the New Mexico Public Education Department and are influential beyond their numbers, by using innocent professionals (their "useful idiots") in the department (like unwitting investigators, as a possible example) as force multipliers. I never expected Rudd of being so petty minded (I don't really know him), so when I met him at that little author's event at the gallup public library in 2017, I just thought it was a coincidence. But now I don't think that. Now, I'm more inclined to believe he came to gallup to meet me, maybe to gloat. It was certainly common knowledge, in that small one-library town, that I went to the library regularly to get Internet access. I didn't even think about that I had mentioned him in my ebook, which I didn't think anybody read, anyway. I initiated the conversation with a joke "I don't know whether to kiss you or slap you," chatted for a minute about New Jersey, st peters college and the jesuits (I said they were extremists and he admired the Berrigans), and then he flabbergasted me by saying that he used to swim in The Boylan Street Pool in Newark NJ. Then he went cold and turned his back (I figured somebody like an education administrator maybe gave him a thumbs down behind my back and he wanted to find out why). At his little talk a half hour later, with only a small group attending, he seemed to be referring to me when he said "Starve the beast!" Now, here's a connection that I made recently that shows that Mark Rudd, apparently still committed to illegal actions, was willing and eager to take illegal actions against me, and was doing so.

Here's the connection.

I mentioned Rudd in my ebook in 2010. Then, in 2012/2013, I rented out a room in my small, old duplex near harrisburg pennsylvania, to one STANLEY GRUEN, who said that he was the president of his freshman class at Columbia University in 1968 (when Mark Rudd led the student protests there), and that he was a friend of Mark Rudd, and good friends with Mario Cuomo, the father and former Governor of New York (I also mentioned Gov Cuomo in my 2010 ebook to describe an incident of unprofessional behavior by sacramento city college instuctors, so this was probably Gruen's hint to me that he had read my ebook). Stanley Gruen said that at Columbia they thought that Rudd was going to be the next President (of the United States). He sounded like an interesting guy, and educated, and I couldn't find any holes in his story, so I actually wanted him to manage the duplex while I was away, but he turned out to be a Trojan Horse, apparently assigned to disrupt my other renters and cause physical damage to the property, which he did. There. There's the connection. I mentioned Rudd in my 2010 ebook, using his own unflattering words and those of Diane Ravitch. Two years later, his heavy-drinking old pal, Stanley Gruen, was assigned to rent a room in my duplex as a Trojan Horse to cause me problems. Three years later, in 2016, I am in Chicago, living in my UHaul down the street from my daughter and granddaughter whom I'd been nannying, when I am offered a teaching position that I really wasn't looking for, 6th grade math (though I was looking to relocate to New Mexico eventually). That's another thing I had mentioned in my 2010 ebook. I had waxed nostalgic about my 6th grade experience, and how I was developing normally with a happy childhood and was shyly liking and being liked by some pretty girls, "Ah, to be in the sixth grade again!" I wrote, after praising the beauty of at least two of the girls I knew back then. (I thought I also wrote about The Boylan Street Pool and that's why I find Rudd's mention of it so unusual, but I don't find it there now). So the sudden offer of the 6th grade math position could have been with hopes of setting up an entrapment/framing scenario. Once they fabricated or encouraged a complaint, they could exaggerate it and point to the wistful line I wrote in my autobiography. (Remember Kavanaugh, and many other recent cases, for that matter, like Duke LaCrosse to name one). Remember, I was there exactly two weeks when they filed a frivolous sexual harassment complaint against me for giving an encouraging shoulder bump to a troubled, and troublesome, teacher, debbie hall. Two months later, after the union representative filed a grievance against the teacher debbie hall for tearing down my math posters and throwing them on the floor, the district was frantic to get rid of me in order to make that grievance and other grievances go away with me (They were frantic because it had been their goal to continue destroying MY reputation, not to have their unprofessional/illegal behavior in doing so result in the continuing destruction of THEIR reputation), and to get rid of me they made ANOTHER attempt to file a frivolous harassment complaint against me, and THIS time the district administrators stooped to using a young girl in my class for their own, personal self-gratification. in a phony frame attempt, exaggerating normal teacher/student interaction. But it didn't work, so the district administrators said that I didn't get my credential on time (not true), and fired me. Recently, a district administrator (a principal from gallup high school), was prosecuted and convicted for having sex with students for a decade or more, and the students were always afraid to complain because they thought this principal from gallup high school was too powerful. This supports my contention that the gallup-mckinley school district has a philosophy and preferred management style of intimidation and fear. Furious that I defended myself, in a professional manner, from wartgo's rage they obsessed with fury and determination to get rid of me. Supporting my argument of an abusive adminisration, that very month the district superintendent was removed by the school board because by his behavior he showed that the school board couldn't trust him. INFORMATIONAL NOTE. On August 24, 2016, about two weeks into the school year, a very pretty 10-year-old girl in Albuquerque was raped, murdered, dismembered and burned on her birthday, and it hit the news around Sunday, August 28. This horrific news, against the background of recent pedophile priest convictions in gallup, set the background psychological atmmosphere and most likely increased the irrationality of the already unstable and abusive gallup school administrators. (Another gallup-mckinley administrator who abused children was galaviz, the vice principal and sidekick of principal wartgo. For example, one day she stormed into the classroom like a bully, shoving desks all around (I guess that was their default issue when there was no other - express disgust with desk location). So she storms in, shoves desks around angrily, takes over instruction and questions who were the students who'd done the five "absolute value" problems on the board. "Who did that one?" she demanded. The little girl acknowledged and galaviz scolded her angrily, demanding why she got it wrong because it was different from all the other four answers, which were all the same. I had to tip-toe up to galaviz and bow and scrape, and say to her in a gentle tone, with extreme respect, "ms. galaviz, that's actually the only student who got it right." So, I'm done tip-toeing around their anger and rage and abuse. Let them walk on eggshells now. So, galaviz too came into my classroom and abused a little girl for her own, personal self-gratification. So, there's the connection that points to a conspiracy dating back to my 1982 Newsletters that changed American political discourse. It's the Mark Rudd encounter at the gallup public library, just after I'd been fired and was enduring charges, that gives it away. Rudd had already illegally behaved destructively against me by conspiring with Stanley Gruen in 2012/2013, a couple of years after I mentioned Rudd in my 2010 ebook. Now, the question is whether Rudd was the mastermind behind this conspiracy to entrap/frame me in gallup or whether he was just invited to gallup to gloat after its execution was well under way, or whether it's somewhere in the spectrum between the two extremes. I don't know, but I don't think the NMPED investigators are qualified to find out because they have already tipped their hand and shown their bias, dismissing these conspiracy possiblities out of hand, and saying this won't go the way I want it to. Once again, I think the entire NMPED is a tainted pool for objectivity, as the type of people willing to conspire against me seem to be spread out and are likely elsewhere as well, besides just NMPED and the gallup-mckinley school district. What with fbi corruption and the like, it will be a challenge to find an excellent investigation team that is up to the task, and not prone bias or to be "useful idiots." THEORY NUMBER 3. A third possibility is that the principal just has a fascist, imperialist, bully personality and management style, which would jibe well with the management philosophy of the district. The district showed its fascist stripes when they responded to my request for an intervention (because of the principal's irrational, hostile and abusive behavior) by reporting that request for an intervention back to the principal, who then came after me in my classroom on a Sunday with threats to the point where I had to flee an impending physical altercation. I had been advised to file a grievance to get relief from wartgo's continuing abuse, by Ms.Singh, who had been at the school since it was built, and who was in my classroom every day, but I only requested an intervention (not even a grievance) in order to get assistance with the wartgo problem. But, if it was just that wartgo had a horrible personality and abuse-mentality, would the other teachers put up with it? It was indeed an environment of fear and stress (which was so thick in the air you could cut it with a 12" hunting knife), but teachers are not afraid to talk to each other or to the union representatives, so it is not believable that he could have abused all, or most, of the teachers the way he abused me. So, if it was just me, we have to eliminate this and go to 1 or 2. ********* Here's the quote from Chapter 43 of "The Truth, Our Graduate Student" " 'Let me tell you. We manufactured the issues. The Institute for Defense Analysis is nothing at Columbia. Just three professors. And the gym issue is bull. It doesn't mean anything to anybody. I had never been to the gym site before the demonstration began. I didn't even know how to get there.' " (Diane Ravitch quoting Mark Rudd) "One group, led by Columbia's Mark Rudd, became the Weathermen, (p. 217) dedicated to terrorism and armed struggle... Never in touch with reality, the Weathermen... "went underground," that is into hiding, to avoid government surveillance of their revolutionary activities." "Rudd and several other Columbia SDS leaders became the nucleus (p. 204) of the terroristic 'Weatherman' group; one died in 1970 while constructing antipersonnel bombs, and another was arrested in 1982, in connection with the robbery of a Brinks' truck and the murder of two policemen in Nyack, New York." (p. 223) "The Troubled Crusade" by Diane Ravitch, 1983 ********* ADDENDUM (not part of Chapter 43) I was ALMOST a part of Mark Rudd's generation. Thankfully, I was born in the 50's. Mark Rudd, along with most of the shallow brats in this country, was born in the 40's. That's "The Oldest Childrenation," which I defined in my 2010 ebook www.davidscully.com/TheTruthOurGraduateStudent.htm I ran with a small group from st peters college from '69 to '71 and two in particular were of "The Oldest Childrenation," born in the forties. One of them was named "Mario," a 26-year-old rabble-rouser. The issue at st peters was that they weren't giving Mario, and another kid named Haessler, tenure, and were letting them go, as if that was our darned business. I was 17 in 1968 when Columbia and then st peters had their student unrest. The unrest at st. peter's college was redolent of the chaos at Columbia, as described by Diane Ravitch in "The Troubled Crusade," only not as much fun, because we were Catholics. We had fat white boys who said "indigenous" all the time, and a big whale Amazon girl from a Catholic high school who was always saying "tripartite." It all still gives me nightmares. We had our dramatic hunger strike, a two-day event with an even bigger whale, a big red-bearded Irish boy, my philosophy teacher, who was always telling the class about the "Oneness" he experienced when he had intercourse with his wife. When he said "Oneness" it had such a nasal sound like a little boy with a bad cold, like he really needed to blow his nose it was so stuffed and the fat little lips moving up and down buried in all the grizzly red facial hair. I get nightmares conjuring up these horrible memories. (Is it any wonder I'm pissed with Rudd for starting all that?) After 24 hours of hunger strike, he was in a wheelchair. After 48, he called off his hunger strike "to save his brain cells," both of them, I guess. Anyway, this group that I was with, just before I left them, started planning to rob a bank, believe it or not. It was the Bonnie and Clyde fantasy. But in reality (if we can even USE that word when talking about "The Oldest Childrenation"), it was a Faye Dunaway/Warren Beatty fantasy. They wanted to be Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, not Bonnie and Clyde, glamorous and famous movie stars. And so, some of them actually did it, as Diane Ravitch tells us in her well-selected quotes, robbing a Brinks' truck and murdering two policemen. Just thought I'd share that with you, 'cause that's what I think of when I think of "The Oldest Childrenation." bill harris, participating in the kidnapping, torture and rape of Patty Hearst. And then, this past summer, in 2017, there was the CNN special, titled "Patty Hearst The Terrorist" or something like that when really she was just a young girl who was kidnapped and played "dress-up terrorist" because of the Stockholm Syndrome. And bill harris smirking on CNN, and getting the attention of a folk hero for participating in the kidnapping, torture and rape of that young girl. And then, of course, ya got sistuh soliah who murdered a church lady in carmichael ca who was at a bank making deposits for her church group, and mocked it saying it was the gun that killed the church lady because "guns kill people," people don't. and then jan scully, the sacramento district attorney had to be FORCED to prosecute soliah (because they're part of the same sistuh hood) You see, this illustrates my point about many of the administrators in education in New Mexico, and elsewhere. They may not actually BE Mark Rudd. They're just little WANNABE Mark Rudds, just like jan scully actually ISN'T sistuh soliah, just a little wannabe one. And, yet, it's ME they've blacklisted from education, and continually entrap and frame. brats.